Kraljevi ulice

Kraljevi ulice is a Croatian band founded by Miran Hadži Veljković and Zlatko Petrović Pajo. The band's name translates as "Kings of the Street". They were chosen to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia. They sang "Romanca" alongside 75 cents, and came in 21st.

75 Cents was the stage name of Croatian singer Ladislav Demeterffy aka Laci (29 January 1933 – 19 November 2010) who performed with Kraljevi ulice in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.[1] He was dubbed "75 Cents", a reference to his age at the time (75). As of 2010, he was the oldest known participant in the history of the contest,[2] but lost this record on 22 May 2012, when Natalia Pugachova (born in late October 1935) represented Russia as part of the group Buranovskiye Babushki. Later, Emil Ramsauer (born 1918, age 95) of the band Takasa who represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 broke the record. Demeterffy later died at Vinogradska Hospital in Zagreb on 19 November 2010, aged 77.[3]


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Preceded by
Dragonfly & Dado Topić
with "Vjerujem u ljubav"
Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest
(with 75 Cents)
Succeeded by
Igor Cukrov & Andrea
with "Lijepa Tena"
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