724th Special Tactics Group

724th Special Tactics Group
Country  United States of America
Branch  United States Air Force
Type Special Operations Forces
Part of 24th Special Operations Wing
Garrison/HQ Pope Field
Engagements War in Afghanistan
Iraq War
Then-Commander Colonel Michael Martin at a dedication ceremony honoring 24th STS Staff Sgt. Andrew Harvell who was killed in Afghanistan the previous year.

The 724th Special Tactics Group is one of the special operations ground components of the 24th Special Operations Wing, assigned to Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). The Group is headquartered at Pope Field, North Carolina. The Group is composed of four squadrons, also located on Pope Field.


The Group's Special Tactics Squadron is made up of Special Tactics Officers, Combat Controllers, Combat Rescue Officers, Pararescuemen, Special Operations Weather Technicians, Air Liaison Officers, Tactical Air Control Party operators, and a number of combat support airmen which comprise 58 Air Force specialties.[1]

Special Tactics Squadrons are organized, trained and equipped specifically for various special operations missions facilitating air operations on the battlefield. They conduct combat search and rescue missions, collect intelligence, as well as call in close air support or airstrikes against enemy combatants and are often parterned with other U.S. special operations forces overseas.

Subordinate units






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