4FRNT Skis

Industry Skiing, Snowsports, Manufacturing
Founded Utah, USA (2002)
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Website www.4frnt.com

4FRNT Skis is an independent brand of alpine skis, bindings, poles, touring skins and apparel that helped to pioneer the development of the freeskiing movement. 4FRNT introduced the model of a rider-owned and operated ski company[1] to the sport.


4FRNT Skis was founded by professional skier Matt Sterbenz in 2002[2] in a garage in Truckee, CA and moved to a factory in 2003. In 2004 4FRNT products were unveiled at the Las Vegas SIA show, the company's first park ski went into production. 4FRNT moved to its current headquarters in Salt Lake City in 2005. In 2006 production was outsourced to Europe. 4FRNT changed its logo in 2007. CR Johnson joined the 4FRNT team in 2009, delivering new concepts to ski design, as a new owner is brought in. While they are American owned, the majority products are produced in Europe, and locally in Salt Lake City.

The White Room

The white room was first introduced in 2010. Whilst the majority of 4FRNT's production is outsourced to Europe, a number of different models are produced in house in Salt Lake City, Utah. The design and manufacture of such skis, (for example the Renegade) are said to be done in the White Room.


Team consists of Eric Hjorleifson, Wiley Miller, David Wise, Kye Petersen, Mack Jones, Thayne Rich, Espen Bergh, and Kalle Leinnonen. With other less prominent riders on a "National" team.


4FRNT manufactures skis, bindings, poles, touring skins and apparel. The majority of their skis are manufactured in the Elan factory, in continental Europe, however a number of select models are manufactured 'in house' in Utah. 4FRNT's bindings are 'rebranded' Tyrolia bindings, so all Tyrolia freeski bindings are available with 4FRNT branding.

Notable skis, past and present


  1. Hjorleifson, helped made possible by Cody Barnhill in 4F
  2. brainchild of Eri
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