2nd Hong Kong Film Awards

2nd Hong Kong Film Awards
Date 31 August 1983
Hosted by Eric Tsang and Josephine Siao

The 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards presentation ceremony, honored the best films of 1982 and took place in Hong Kong Baptist University, Academic Community Hall, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong on 31 August 1983 at 8pm. The ceremony was hosted by Eric Ng and Zhan Xiaoping, during the ceremony awards are presented in 13 categories. The ceremony was sponsored by Sing Tao Newspapers Limited and City Entertainment Magazine.[1]


Winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface, and indicated with a double dagger (double-dagger).[2][3][4][5]

Winners in 1983
Sammo Hung, Best Actor and Action Direction winner
Best Screenplay
  • Yau Tai On Ping — Boat Peopledouble-dagger
    • Yau Kong-Kin, Chan Koon-Chung, Chan Wan-Man, Eddie Fong Ling-Ching, Patrick Tam Kar-Ming, Kam Ping-Hing — Nomad
    • Manfred Wong — Lonely Fifteen''
    • Lee Pik-Wah — Once Upon a Mirage''
    • Li Han-Xiang — Tiger Killer
Best Film Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Action Direction
Best Original Film Score
  • Chris Babida — Life After Life''double-dagger
Best Original Film Song
  • Composer: Chan Chau-Ha • Lyricist: Lam Chun-Keung • Singer: Lo Wan-Na — Happy Sixteen theme song''double-dagger
    • Composer: Sam Hui • Singer: Sam HuiAces Go Places theme song
    • Composer: Nip On-Tat, Lyricist: Peter Lai Bei-Tak •Singer: Alan Tam — My Darling, My Goddess theme song
    • Composer: Teddy Robin Kwan •Lyricist: Raymond Wong Bak-Ming •Singer: Alan Tam — Till Death Do We Scare theme song
    • Composer: Lam Man-Yi •Singer: Lui On-Na — Once Upon a Rainbow theme song
Lifetime Achievement


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