2008 Webby Awards

The 12th annual 2008 Webby Awards were held on June 10, 2008 and emceed by SNL head writer Seth Meyers[1] and help at Cipriani,[2] a massive banquet hall in Manhattan's financial district. The Webby Film and Video Awards were held on June 9 at Skirball Center for the Performing Arts and were hosted by Judah Friedlander.[3] The awards were judged by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and winners were selected from over 10,000 entries.[4] Lorne Michaels was honored with a lifetime achievement award.[5]

Nominees and winners

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Category Webby Award winner People's Voice winner Other nominees
Activism Loveisrespect, National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline

(Archived 11 June 2008 via Wayback)
RF Interactive

Invisible Children - Displace Me

(Archived 10 June 2008 via Wayback)

Eyes on Darfur

(Archived 10 June 2008 via Wayback)

H&M - Fashion Against AIDS

(Archived 28 June 2011 via Wayback)
Great Works

Make It Right

(Archived 16 May 2008 via Wayback)

Online Film & Video - Experimental Crimeface

(Archived 5 July 2008 via Wayback)
Bellyfeel Limited

Atmosphere (Series)

(Archived 20 August 2008 via Wayback)
National Geographic Digital Media

Close to paradise - prologue

(Archived 17 June 2008 via Wayback)


(Archived 18 June 2008 via Wayback)
MTV Networks / Atom Films

The Encyclopedia of Life

(Archived 3 June 2008 via Wayback)
Avenue A | Razorfish

Games Kongregate

(Archived 10 June 2008 via Wayback)


(Archived 13 June 2008 via Wayback)


(Archived 10 June 2008 via Wayback)


(Archived 8 June 2008 via Wayback)
Discovery Communications, Inc.

World Without Oil

(Archived 11 June 2008 via Wayback)
Writerguy LLC

Games-Related The Escapist

(Archived 9 June 2008 via Wayback)
Themis Group Inc


(Archived 10 June 2008 via Wayback)
Think Services

GameLife Blog on Wired.com

(Archived 9 May 2008 via Wayback)
wired media


(Archived 11 June 2008 via Wayback)


(Archived 9 May 2008 via Wayback)
Harmonix Music Systems/MTV Games/Mekanism

Mobile & Apps - Gaming Nike 10R - Tone Mastering

(Archived 7 April 2008 via Wayback)

Dr. Pepper iPhone Game - Matchcaps

(Archived 21 December 2007 via Wayback)
Imaginuity Interactive, Inc.


Cellufun, Inc.

DHL Stack 'Em

Ogilvy & Mather, NY

Nickelodeon Mobile

(Archived 5 July 2008 via Wayback)
MTV Networks

Interactive Advertising - Game or Application Coca-Cola Happiness Factory

(Archived 12 June 2008 via Wayback)
Shift Control Media

AXE Dirty Rolling Game

(Archived 1 June 2008 via Wayback)
BBH New York

NBC's Bionic Woman - Bionic Assessment Test

(Archived 15 June 2008 via Wayback)

Nike Plus Miles

(Archived 7 June 2008 via Wayback)
Tribal DDB GmbH, member of DDB Germany

Orange 'Spot The Bull'

(Archived 12 October 2012 via Wayback)

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Winners and nominees are generally named according to the organization or website winning the award, although the recipient is, technically, the web design firm or internal department that created the winning site and in the case of corporate websites, the designer's client. Web links are provided for informational purposes, both in the most recently available archive.org version before the awards ceremony and, where available, the current website. Many older websites no longer exist, are redirected, or have been substantially redesigned.

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