2000 Six Nations Championship

2000 Six Nations Championship
Date 5 February 2000 - 2 April 2000
Countries  England
Tournament statistics
Champions  England (23rd title)
Calcutta Cup  Scotland
Millennium Trophy  England
Centenary Quaich  Ireland
Matches played 15
Tries scored 75 (5 per match)
Top point scorer(s) England Jonny Wilkinson (78)
Top try scorer(s) England Ben Cohen (5)
England Austin Healey (5)
Ireland Brian O'Driscoll (5)
1999 (Previous) (Next) 2001

The 2000 Six Nations Championship was the first series of the Six Nations Championship, following the inclusion of Italy into the Five Nations championship. Including the previous incarnations as the Home Nations and Five Nations, this was the hundred-and-sixth series of the northern hemisphere rugby union championship.

The championship was won by England. England had appeared ready to be the first nation in the expanded Championship to win all its games and complete a 'Grand Slam' - the English side had won its first four games and met winless Scotland for its final match. Scotland earned a surprising victory and denied England the Grand Slam. (France, the last winner of a Five Nations slam in 1998, would win the first Six Nations slam in 2002).

Italy won their first game in the championship with a surprising 34–20 win over Scotland, winners of the previous edition, but weren't able to win more games, finishing in last.


The teams involved were:

Nation Venue City Head coach
 England Twickenham London Clive Woodward
 France Stade de France Saint-Denis Bernard Laporte
 Ireland Lansdowne Road Dublin Warren Gatland
 Italy Stadio Flaminio Rome Brad Johnstone
 Scotland Murrayfield Edinburgh Ian McGeechan
 Wales Millennium Stadium Cardiff Graham Henry


For each nation's squad for the 2000 Six Nations Championship, see 2000 Six Nations Championship squads.


Position Nation Games Points Table
Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Difference Tries
1  England540118370+113208
2  France530214092+48126
3  Ireland 5302168133+35176
4  Wales53021111352486
5  Scotland5104951455092
6  Italy510410622812292


5 February 2000
Italy  3420  Scotland
Try: De Carli
Con: Dominguez
Pen: Dominguez (6)
Drop: Dominguez (3)
Report Try: Bulloch, M. Leslie
Con: Logan, Townsend
Pen: Townsend
Drop: Townsend
5 February 2000
England  5018  Ireland
Try: Cohen (2), Tindall, Healey (2), Back
Con: Wilkinson (4)
Pen: Wilkinson (4)
Report Try: Maggs, Galwey
Con: Humphreys
Pen: Humphreys (2)
5 February 2000
Wales  336  France
Pen: Jenkins
Report Try: Castaignède, Magne, Ntamack
Con: Lamaison (3)
Pen: Lamaison (4)
Drop: Lamaison

19 February 2000
France  915  England
Pen: Dourthe (3)
Report Pen: Wilkinson (5)
19 February 2000
Wales  4716  Italy
Try: S. Quinnell, S. Williams, Bateman, Howarth
Con: Jenkins (3)
Pen: Jenkins (7)
Report Try: Visser
Con: Dominguez
Pen: Dominguez (2)
Drop: Dominguez
19 February 2000
Ireland  4422  Scotland
Try: O'Driscoll, Humphreys, Wood, Horgan, O'Kelly
Con: O'Gara (2), Humphreys (3)
Pen: O'Gara (2), Humphreys
Report Try: Logan, Metcalfe, Graham
Con: Logan (2)
Pen: Logan

4 March 2000
Scotland  1628  France
Try: Nicol
Con: Paterson
Pen: Logan, Paterson (2)
Report Try: Magne (2), Castaignède
Con: Merceron (2)
Pen: Merceron (3)
4 March 2000
England  4612  Wales
Try: Cohen, Greening, Hill, Back, Dallaglio
Con: Wilkinson (3)
Pen: Wilkinson (5)
Report Pen: Jenkins (3)
Drop: Jenkins
4 March 2000
Ireland  6013  Italy
Try: Wood, Dawson, Dempsey, O'Driscoll, Horgan (2)
Con: O'Gara (6)
Pen: O'Gara (6)
Report Try: De Rossi
Con: Dominguez
Pen: Dominguez (2)

18 March 2000
Italy  1259  England
Try: Martin, Stoica
Con: Dominguez
Report Try: Healey (3), Cohen (2), Dawson (2), Penalty try
Con: Wilkinson (5)
Pen: Wilkinson (2)
Drop: Back
18 March 2000
Wales  2618  Scotland
Try: S. Williams (2)
Con: S. Jones (2)
Pen: S. Jones (4)
Report Try: Townsend, M. Leslie
Con: Hodge
Pen: Hodge (2)
19 March 2000
France  2527  Ireland
Try: Laussucq
Con: Merceron
Pen: Merceron (6)
Report Try: O'Driscoll (3)
Con: O'Gara (3)
Pen: Humphreys (2)

1 April 2000
France  4231  Italy
Try: Penaud (2), Castaignède, Pelous, Benazzi
Con: Dourthe (4)
Pen: Dourthe (3)
Report Try: Martin, Troncon (2), Mazzucato
Con: Dominguez (4)
Drop: Dominguez
1 April 2000
Ireland  1923  Wales
Try: Horgan
Con: O'Gara
Pen: O'Gara (4)
Report Try: S. Jones, Budgett
Con: S. Jones (2)
Pen: S. Jones, Jenkins (2)
2 April 2000
Scotland  1913  England
Try: Hodge
Con: Hodge
Pen: Hodge (4)
Report Try: Dallaglio
Con: Wilkinson
Pen: Wilkinson (2)


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