1982 Amol uprising

Amol uprising
Date25th of January, 1982
LocationAmol County, Iran
Result Iranian government victory
 Iran Union of Iranian Communists
Commanders and leaders
Nasser Shabani[1] Behrooz Fathi†
Unknown ~100
Casualties and losses
40 - 200 killed 40 - 100 killed

The 1982 Amol uprising was an armed uprisings against the government of Iran.


Iranian maoist organisation Union of Iranian Communists (Sarbedaran) adopted people's war as a line of struggle of the party. The Amol County was chosen by UIC (S) as a revolutionary base area.


1982 was an important year in the history of the UIC (S) and the history of Maoism in Iran in general. In this year the UIC (S) mobilized forces in forests around Amol and launched an armed campaign against the Islamic Republic. It eventually organized an uprising on 25 January 1982. The uprising was eventually a failure and many UIC (S) and Maoist leaders were shot.


After the failure of the “Amol Uprising” the group went through a difficult period with most of its leadership and cadres arrested or killed. It also experienced various theoretical and political crises.

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