1954–55 French Rugby Union Championship

1954–55 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries  France
Champions Perpignan
Runners-up Lourdes

The 1954-55 French Rugby Union Championship of first division was contested by 48 clubs divided into six pools of eight. The five better of each pool and the two better sixths (for a sum of 32 clubs) were qualified to play a "single match play-off" tournament.

Previously the FFR created three divisions: Nationale (or first division), Fédérale (second division) and Excellence (third division).

The Championship of first division was won by the Perpignan that defeated Lourdes in the final. It was the sixth won by Perpignan.


The 1955 Five Nations Championship was won by Wales and France with some points.

The Challenge Yves du Manoir was won by Perpignan that defeated Mazamet in the final.

Qualification phase

In bold the qualified for "last 32" round

Poule A

Poule B

Poule C

Poule D

Poule E

Poule F

"Last 32"

In bold the clubs qualified for The "last 16".

1955Perpignan-Graulhet17 - 5
1955Periguex-Castres6 - 0
1955Mont-de-Marsan-Bergerac12 - 3
1955Dax-Agen12 - 9
1955Romans-Cognac9 - 3
1955Albi-Racing Paris9 - 0
1955Lavelanet-Béziers3 - 0
1955Toulon-Vichy9 - 6
1955Lourdes-Grenoble10 - 0
1955Vienne-Montauban16 - 3
1955Montferrand-Toulouse18 - 0
1955Mazamet-Lyon OU9 - 0
1955Paris Université Club-Entente Côte-Vermeille 34 - 3
1955Tulle-Carmaux9 - 3
1955Pau-Toulouse OEC8 - 0
1955Angoulême -Auch3 - 0

"Last 16"

In bold the clubs qualified for the quarter of finals.

1955Perpignan-Periguex15 - 3
1955Mont-de-Marsan-Dax14 - 3
1955Romans-Albi14 - 11
1955Lavelanet-Toulon13 - 0
1955Lourdes-Vienne22 - 5
1955Montferrand-Mazamet6 - 3
1955Paris Université Club-Tulle24 - 5
1955Pau-Angoulême 13 - 8

Quarter of finals

In bold the clubs qualified for the semifinals.

1955Perpignan-Mont-de-Marsan17 - 11
1955Romans-Lavelanet15 - 0
1955Lourdes-Montferrand21 - 3
1955Paris Université Club-Pau14 - 9


May 1955Perpignan-Romans18 - 0
May 1955Lourdes-Paris Université Club8 - 6


Teams Perpignan - Lourdes
Score 11-6
Date 22 May 1955
Venue Parc Lescure de Bordeaux
Referee Georges Laffitte
Perpignan François Gimenez, Richard Pallach, Roger Capell, Gérard Roucariès, André Sanac, Vincent Mestres, Henri Doutres, Gérard Llaury, Georges Gauby, Jean Serre, René Garrigue, Gaston Rous, René Monie, Serge Torreilles, Jacques Sagols
Lourdes André Lafont, André Abadie (rugby)|André Abadie, Daniel Saint-Pastous, Jean Barthe, Louis Guinle, Jean Prat, Célestin Domec, Thomas Manterola, François Labazuy, Antoine Labazuy, Guy Calvo, Roger Martine, Maurice Prat, Henri Rancoule, Pierre Lacaze
Perpignan 3 tries Gauby, Garrigue and Torreilles, 1 conversion Serre
Lourdes 2 drops Jean Prat and F.Labazuy

The match was played at the Parc Lescure that host the final of French Championship for the first time.[1]

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