10,000 Kids and a Cop

10,000 Kids and a Cop
Directed by Charles Barton
Starring Bud Abbott
Lou Costello
Narrated by James Stewart
Brenda Joyce
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release dates
October 1948 (1948-10)
Country United States
Language English

10,000 Kids and a Cop is a 1948 documentary short directed by Charles Barton about the philanthropic work of the Lou Costello Jr. Youth Foundation in Los Angeles, California, named after the comedian's son who had died in 1943 aged 1. The film features appearances by Abbott and Costello, James Stewart, William Bendix and Brenda Joyce, and it was originally distributed for free to U.S. film exhibitors.[1] A restored version of the film was included as a special feature in the 2006 DVD release of The Abbott and Costello Show.[2]


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