'Til Death Do Us Part (U.S. TV series)

For the 1966 BBC sitcom, see Till Death Us Do Part. For the novel, see Love You to Death (novel).
'Til Death Do Us Part
Also known as "Love You to Death"
Genre legal drama
Created by Jeff Lieberman
Written by Nicole Snyder
Eric Charmelo
James Ireland
Scott Nimerfro
Mary Hanes
Directed by J. Miles Dale
Stephan Fanfara
Creative director(s) Jerry Nicolaou
Starring John Waters
Narrated by John Waters
Composer(s) Erika Lieberman
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Ken Hanes
Ira Pincus
Jeff Lieberman
John Morayniss
Producer(s) Kevin Lafferty
Bernard Bourret
Location(s) Various Places
Cinematography Yuri Yakubiw
Editor(s) Film
Ben Wilkinson
Michael Todd
Kevin Howard
Rob Hegedus
Rob Hegedus
Running time 22 min (excluding commercials)
Production company(s) Blueprint Entertainment
Distributor Court TV (2006) USA
Poén! (2008) (Hungary) (TV)
Sorozat (2009) (Hungary)
Fremantle Media (2006) (worldwide)
Original network Court TV
Original release March 19 – June 4, 2007
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'Til Death Do Us Part (also known in Canada and Australia as Love You To Death) is a legal drama television series that debuted on Court TV on March 19, 2007; not to be confused with the similarly named Fox sitcom 'Til Death.

'Til Death Do Us Part goes by the motto "To Love, Honor, and Perish".


The series was narrated and hosted by cult film director John Waters, who played "The Groom Reaper." The scripted program re-enacted real-life courtroom stories involving marriages and families whose seemingly picture-perfect lives end in a murderous way. The series had a Tales from the Crypt-like setting, with each episode lasting 30 minutes. At each end of an episode, John Waters would say "I have another wedding to go to, but I hope it won't be yours".

After 15 minutes of the show, Court TV would allow viewers to text message a guess on who would be the killer. Each re-enactment is directed to be intentionally over-the-top, complete with overacting and cringe-worthy dialogue.

Court TV's commercials promoting the show parody the DeBeers diamond television ads, through the use of silhouettes and dramatic background music.


The show is about how two people get married and how one spouse ends up involved in the murder of the other spouse. The viewers were able to guess who murdered whom. The murderer was announced at the end of each show.


Character Actor/Actress Episodes
The Groom Reaper John Waters (14 episodes, 2006–2007)


Ep #AirdateSeason
"Pilot" Episode 00 2006 01
"Funeral Parlor Murder" 01 March 19, 2007 01
"Storage Unit Murder" 02 April 16, 2007 01
"The Airplane Murder" 03 March 19, 2007 01
"Car Keys Murder" 04 April 2, 2007 01
" Time Capsule Murder" 05 March 26, 2007 01
"The Strip Club Murder" 06 2007 01
" The Clown Case" 07 2007 01
"The Pond Scum Murder" 08 April 23, 2007 01
"The Bog Murder" 09 2007 01
"Murder Mystery Weekend" 10 2007 01
"The In-Law Murders" 11 May 7, 2007 01
"The Beauty Queen Murder" 12 2007 01
"A Christmas Murder" 13 May 14, 2007 01


'Til Death Do Us Part is filmed in Canada as a co-production between Court TV and Canada's Global Television Network. The show debuted in Canada on Global on March 21, 2007, under the title Love You To Death.


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