Áššu was a Northern Sámi language newspaper published twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, in Guovdageaidnu. It was distributed in an area that stretches across Norway, Sweden and Finland. The newspaper was published by Aviisa AS, owned itself by Nordavis AS, with a 35.0% share). Before the merger with Min Áigi, it was owned by Altaposten, a Norwegian language newspaper based in Alta,[1] with Rolf Edmund Lund as editor-in-chief, the Norgga Sámiid Riikasearvi and the Norgga Boazosápmelaččaid Riikkasearvi (Norwegian Sámi Reindeer Herders' Association).


Áššu and its rival Min Áigi announced on August 27, 2007,[2] that they were merging so that a new daily newspaper in Northern Sámi could be launched. The new newspaper would also have a new editor-in-chief. The first issue of the new newspaper Ávvir was released on February 6, 2008, which is Sami National Day.

Both parties consider this merger to be the only economically realistic future they would have, even though the new paper will have higher production costs according to Min Áigi 's chairman Magne Svineng. Áššu and Min Áigi will each own 33% of the new newspaper. The editorial bureaus of the two newspapers have remained in their previous locations of Kárášjohka and Guovdageaidnu.


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