Create a Site Within Minutes With IPFS and MDwiki

Authored: 21/08/2018, 20:33

I’ve taken my own advice and published an MDwiki blog through IPNS. I also went and registered with Freenom, and pointed it to the gateway - which I will probably be alternating with the official gateway, and others I find that load quickly. The image doesn’t mention how to handle DNS records (which would be different to how this site is ran right now, which is just through URL forwarding), but as a temporary solution, it should work well enough as an introductory guide and a proof of concept to easy IPFS hosting. As I’m not running any web server, it seems I won’t be able to set any SSL certificate up, and I am currently experimenting with Disqus on the About page, at least until MDwiki offers support for any free alternatives. Otherwise though, I am running an entirely self-published, self-hosted blog with its own domain, with increased resilience as more peers start to host it. It took a few hours, and I didn’t need to pay a penny.