Value Capture Mechanisms

Value Generation

Plenny generates income through its value capture mechanisms. Transaction fees are integrated in multiple services resulting in multiple income streams. Fees compensate Plenny for providing resources and giving access to services. Inherently, fees stem from the transaction-based incentives that users receive when using Plenny. Thus, Plenny filters its income from the transactions done by users. This mechanism captures a portion from the values generated and enables the ownerless decentralized application to cover operational costs.

The token economy is designed so that Lightning Nodes can make more money on the bottom line by using Plenny than by relying solely on the incentives of the Lightning Network. If the effort and cost to use Plenny is sufficiently compensated in the context of the non-financial digital economy, both Lightning Nodes and Plenny will benefit. In interaction with the built-in continuous replenishment of token income for the payment of rewards, a self-preservation system is created. As the RePLENishment Trigger and the burning and buyback activities via the Treasury HODL are tied to decentralized markets, the value of the token represents another economic variable. In this way, the value-capture mechanisms of the decentralized financial economy and the non-financial digital economy influence each other, giving Plenny the combined potential to sustain operations based on its income and the token value.