Privacy Policy

The following statements explain the policies we adhere to regarding data collection, information security, and privacy standards.

No private information regarding specific persons will be provided to any third party except:

  • As may be legally permitted
  • To assist in preventing money laundering or prosecuting fraud, or to otherwise comply with a government requirement or request
  • To comply with the rules and regulations of any payment network or platform
  • With the person’s written consent
Security Practices

Plenny.crypto uses a variety of controls and measures to protect personal or sensitive information. These include industry-standard encryption, physical access security, secured networks and servers, anti-virus protection, vulnerability scans, firewalls, intrusion detections, defense monitoring and other appropriate technology. We test, review, and update this technology from time to time in order to improve and enhance our security systems.

Changes to Plenny.crypto’s Information Security and Privacy Statement

In order to ensure Plenny.crypto’s information security and privacy policies are appropriate and effective and that these policies reflect the ongoing changes in our industry, Plenny.crypto’s reviews its policies from time to time and may make changes to these policies and practices as it determines them to be warranted. When changes are made that affect Plenny.crypto’s Privacy Statement, this website will reflect such changes. Should you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Statement, please contact us.

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